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About Beginnings and Endings, a New Series of Prints

Beginnings and Endings, a series of intaglio prints with digital photo collage, is a part of a larger body of work that addresses concepts of memory, trauma, cultural loss and contemporary culture of precarity:  wars, migrations, environmental disasters and climate change.  I use images culled from popular culture (speech bubbles, splats and booms from comic books and cartoons), obsolete maps or scientific drawings, invasive plants and mushrooms.  They serve as fragmented portraits of the world in a state of perpetual, disruptive change.

The visual vocabulary of my drawings and prints suggests a displaced existence: fragmented memories, adaptation, revival, and transformation.  My process involves erosions and accretions that occur with any reconstructive, interpretative or artistic act. One re-connects that which has been broken, fragmented or overlaid.  Re-membering becomes an act of reconstruction, where one works with what is there and tries to visualize what has been lost.  Digital images of mushrooms embedded into my prints produced in traditional color intaglio techniques (line etching, drypoint, aquatint and mezzotint) suggest a new reality inhabiting the established one.  They simultaneously disrupt and patch the fragmented, layered surface of the print, corresponding both to the stains of spit-bite aquatint and more defined shapes in aquatint or mezzotint.

I make prints and collages because the process itself mirrors the complexity of visual storytelling.  Prints speak in a different voice than paintings or even drawings.  In making a color print, the process demands that the image be deconstructed, envisioned as a series of layers, taken apart in order to be put together again. It also encourages the viewer to look closer, to have a similar aggregate experience of myriad details building up into an image.